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Electrical tips to boost office productivity

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The workplace may be more flexible than ever before courtesy of technology but these days the key is output not time spent on the job. For office managers that means providing a workplace that is welcoming and encourages productivity. It needs be a centre where people get in, get the job done and get out once it’s complete. So here are five top electrical tips to ensure your workplace is productive and inspiring rather than dull, dreary and downright fatiguing.


According to researchers lighting has a huge impact on worker productivity, with cool tones that resemble natural daylight the preferred colour for maximum output. A study by the University of Greenwich found workers operating under “blue-enriched light bulbs” reported feeling “happier, more alert and had less eye strain.”

Meanwhile, the University of North Carolina notes: “other benefits of blue light include lowering melatonin, which is created in our glands and basically puts us to sleep. This lower level of melatonin keeps people alert in the same way coffee does”.

The answer? LED lighting. It’s not only more efficient but the blue spectrum light in LEDS can boost productivity.

Temperature control

But it’s not just lighting that impacts productivity, temperature does as well. If it’s too warm workers become lethargic, too cold and they feel stiff and sore. In fact a study by Cornell University found when temperatures were low at 20 degrees Celsius employees committed 44% more errors and were less than half as productive as when temperatures were set at the standard 25 degrees Celsius.

The answer? Temperature control via air-conditioning and heating systems.

Cable management

It may sound trivial but if your employees are constantly negotiating cables it’s not only time consuming but a downright safety hazard. The key here is to minimise cable appearance and clutter. Consider channeling networking cables and the like through wall cavities or ducting it under desks and through furniture.

Better yet, have your cables and power outlets professionally tailored to your work environment.

Power outlets

And while we’re talking power outlets, insufficient infrastructure or poorly placed outlets can cause a whole world of hassle for workers costing valuable time and money as well as presenting a safety risk.

The modern office requires a huge number of power outlets including sockets capable of USB charging.

The answer? Have a professional electrician install the right number of sockets in the right places for maximum ease of use and minimal cord clutter.

Power backup

There’s nothing quite like a blackout to bring an office to a grinding halt, and even a brownout can result in the loss of valuable time and data.

The answer? Disaster proof your office or commercial premises with backup power systems. These can include generators, battery cells or more simple devices like uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) that allow you to shut computers down without losing data. Also turn your attention to surge protectors to limit damage to valuable electrical equipment.

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