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Five tips for lighting your world

Written by RADI

Whether you’re cooking up a feast in the kitchen, kicking back on the lounge or showcasing your finest artwork, lighting plays a major role in any home.

These days lighting also offers a wealth of choices including dimmers, sensors and energy saving options. So here’s a quick guide to lighting up your world…

First things first

Lighting in the home takes on three forms; task, ambient and accent lighting, and the best way to plan out what goes where is to consider the function of each space, and what you will have within it.

Then work in through the order dealing with task driven spaces first to create a comprehensive lighting plan.


Task driven spaces include the kitchen where lighting will need to be bright enough to sort your cucumbers from your zucchini, and your rump from your rib.

Hence the popularity of pendant lighting above kitchen workspaces, allowing you enough light to slice and dice with fingers intact.

Bathrooms are also task specific areas, where householders require enough light to apply makeup in front of a mirror or to enjoy a close shave. This can be afforded through correctly positioned down lighting or the use of sconces above mirrors.

Other task driven areas include offices or studios where the lighting will need to illuminate work areas.


Ambient lighting creates the feel of your home, and options to consider include traditional lighting such as globes with feature shades, or down lighting that rests into the ceiling.

Then position plays a part, you can illuminate directly from above or cast light onto a wall or even the ceiling for a softer glow.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting provides the opportunity to get creative with shades, hues and feature pieces like chandeliers or industrial fixtures. It is also the chance to highlight specific areas or pieces within your home, like art or feature walls.

Smart lighting

Dimmers have been around for a long time, offering the option of brightening or darkening a room, but these days there are also a wealth of further options for how you apply your lighting. This includes smart lighting, where you can program and network your lights, allowing you to change the tone, colour and ambience of your home at the push of a remote.

Smart lighting also allows for automation, meaning certain lights will turn on when you’re away or automatically switch on at a specific time of day.

Meanwhile automated lighting is also great option for specific areas that require light no matter the circumstance, like butler’s pantries that light up as you open a door, or the garage light that switches on when the roller door is opened by remote.

Energy efficiency

The brave new world of LEDs has opened a world of doors in the lighting world, using approximately 85% less electricity than halogen or incandescent lighting. With power costs rising, it’s important to consider your energy consumption as you design your interior lights.

The final word

Great interior lighting has a host of benefits for the home owner including function, feel and liveability, and an electrician is a go-to pro when it comes to assisting with a design and lighting plan to suit all your needs.

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