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Top tips to curb your summer electricity bill

Written by RADI

With the full heat of summer now upon us, chances are your fans are running at top speed, the air-con’s ramped up and the fridge is working overtime. All this leads to the inevitable possibility of getting even hotter under the collar come the inevitable bill shock for all that electricity usage.

Here are Radi’s top tips for keeping your cool at home while keeping electrical costs down over summer.

The sweet spot

Yes they’re magnificent beings, but air-conditioners are one of the leading reasons you’ll see an increase in electricity consumption over summer. When you do use your air-con, set it between 24 and 25 degrees, and opt for natural breeze when you can.

Also make sure your air-conditioner is properly maintained to ensure it’s operating at optimum efficiency, and switch to fans when possible – they’re a lot cheaper to run.

Keep it shut

To maximise your air-con usage, ensure doors, windows and curtains are shut. This stops the heat come into your home and lets the air-con do its job more readily. It’s also worth bearing in mind that good insulation and external shading also play a role in keeping your house cool.


Pool filter

Over summer your pool filter and pump work a lot harder and a lot longer to accommodate prime swimming season, but that doesn’t mean they need to run flat out. It’s a great idea to hone your filter usage by reducing it by half an hour each week and then testing the water a week later to ensure the quality is still good. By keeping the pool clean you also save pump effort.

Stop standby

You’d think those harmless little phone chargers and that welcoming red light on appliances wouldn’t hurt your hip pocket, right? Well not so. Leaving appliances like TVs in standby mode, and your phone changers on at the power point starts to add up. So turn them off properly when not in use.


Check your fridge

It works hard day and night for your electricity money, so check your fridge is playing to its strengths with some regular maintenance checks. This includes ensuring there are no gaps where air can escape and that your fridge seals stand up to the task at hand. The best fridge temperature is 4 or 5 degrees, and the optimum freezer temperature is minus 15 to 18.


Play it smart

By automating your home you have the opportunity to monitor electricity usage, and pre-set items to turn off when not required. It also offers the convenience that, should you forget to switch that air-conditioner off you can do it remotely using something as simple as your Smart Phone.


Energy efficient

Finally, energy efficient appliances can really notch up some serious savings throughout the year, so look for the items with the best star rating when it comes time to purchase white goods.


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